Why are some people so messed up?!

Recently, I read a post by a friend on Facebook. I saw a picture of a ginger cat and immediately clicked on it because…cat. I went from happy to sad but in less than a minute.

Turns out this somewhat feral cat had befriended my friend and a flea market where he sets up shop. He feeds the cat and makes sure he has clean water like any good person would. One day the cat shows up but he is bleeding from his abdomen. Luckily, the cat trusts my friend and so, he allows him to check out the wound. My friend rushes him to a vet only to be told the wound is a gun shot wound. After reading this I had to stop and think, I mean, really think because I can’t wrap my mind around why anyone would hurt an innocent animal.

This makes me angry and so sad. I would not be opposed to finding the idiot and shooting him/her myself.


People of The InterWebs!

Not that anyone will care to read my rants, I will post them just to keep myself semi-sane. If you are reading this expect some misspellings and incorrect grammar at some point. I’m not perfect! 

What will I write about? EVERYTHING! My work life, home life, books, gaming and things that really grind my gears like…clowns! Seriously, what purpose do they serve other than creeping people out?!

Stay tuned.